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Your body is like a car. And massage is like servicing your car. If you wait until it's well overdue, it ends up costing you in the long run.

Also, if you don't look after your car by taking it offroad, driving too fast, having accidents with it, not putting clean fuel into its tank, there is obviously going to be more that needs repair when you do service it.  

So when is the the best time to service your body? 

Well, it is actually BEFORE you need it! 

It is proactive care - treating massage like the necessity it is, not the luxury so many think it is, until they have no choice but to grin and bear the pain or spend money urgently on fixing much BIGGER problems.

What do you think the second best time to get a massage is?

Well, it is actually when you first feel the onset of a problem arising. You are aware of a feeling you've felt before, just like a problem with your car that you've learnt to pay attention to signs of.

What about the worst time? This is when you are in so much pain because you've pulled/injured something that you just can't live with it any longer. Your car has broken down! 

So how do we best look after your body knowing this? 

Well, when you first come in, I may need to perform a few treatments (services) in short succession to get your body back to better working order. Then if you maintain it yourself by doing what you know how and are taught to do, you won't need treatments as often. 

Is your body due for a service?

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