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Over 25 years ago now, I went to see an old guy operating from his house in the back streets of Strathpine. He had been a bodyworker most of his life. 

He used an analogy that has had a profound effect ever since on what I feel when I lay my own hands on someone else's body. It is the analogy of a rope.

The visual he painted was of the muscles of the body getting twisted up like the strands of a rope, and how it is his job to unravel them.

Many of my clients since have told me that when describing my treatments to someone else to recommend my service, they find themselves talking about how it feels like I'm unraveling their tight spots.

Due to poor posture and movement patterns, it's quite common especially around the shoulders and arms for people to experience a lot of pain because their body has simply become "twisted up like a rope" and is impinging on sensitive nerves. 

If this is how you feel, it's time to book a treatment so I can work to untie your knots and unravel your muscles so you are more in alignment, nothing is pinching where it shouldn't, and you can feel and move better in everyday life!

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