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If you are here, you are looking for relief for your body. There are a number of reasons people come to see me. Below is a short list of these reasons and how I can help you.

Sports/Gym Recovery - Exercise and sporting activities cause soft tissue damage, knotted and tight muscles. Proper Deep Stretching & Massage are extremely beneficial for athletes and active individuals to enhance recovery and minimise healing time. Jarrod also aims to improve your muscle function and increase athletic performance.

Injury Prevention/Treatment - Tight muscles are a leading cause of injury. And when the body is injured, other muscles can contract to protect that area from further injury causing postural changes, lack of mobility and discomfort and other areas. Jarrod’s treatments can help you to recover faster and avoid other muscular issues now and in the future. 

Occupational Pain & Discomfort - If your job requires you to perform daily tasks that are highly strenuous or repetitive, or you spend long hours behind a desk, your body is going to break down well before its time unless you look after it better. Regular maintenance is key to longevity. A ‘she’ll be right’ attitude just won’t cut it, unless you want to be using a walker in old age to get around. Let Jarrod relieve your pain, and help you learn to look after yourself better on and off the job.

Acute & Chronic Nerve Pain - Having experienced his own chronic sciatic nerve pain, Jarrod has been humbled by his own, and learnt a great deal to help you manage and find relief for your nerve pain.

Posture Improvement - It doesn’t matter how many times your spine gets cracked into place by a chiropractor if your muscles are tight and continuing to pull you out of place. Learning to use simple strategies throughout the day to be more mindful and reset your posture make a huge difference in the long run. Jarrod's philosophy is that the body needs to be strengthened, lengthened and loosened out to have great posture.

Increased Mobility - Being able to move our bodies freely through a full range of movement should be everyone’s goal. Jarrod’s treatments look at how to restore this movement where it is currently restricted.

Improved Flexibility - As we age, we get tighter and tighter if we don’t stretch our body often. Sore joints, muscular pain and stiff movement patterns are often caused simply by a lack of flexibility, and inevitably leads to unwanted injuries and daily discomfort performing the simplest tasks. Learn to stretch in new ways with Jarrod to alleviate your pain and tightness. 

Stress Relief - We all need help sometimes to deal with the life stresses that come our way. Your treatment will help relax your heightened nervous system, and escape to a safe space of healing where you can talk through your challenges if you need to, take some nice deep breaths, and relax for a while so you can tackle your challenges with greater peace.

Need a treatment for any of these things?

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